ESFF 2009 Films

Friday, April 11

Akvarium (Aquarium) by Denizcan Yiizgiil, Czech Republic, 2007, 05:00

Die Leiden des Herrn Karpf. Morbus Bechterew (The Suffering of Mr. Karpf. Morbus Bechterew) by Lola Randl, Rainer Egger, Germany, 2007, 11:00

La M con la A (The M with the A) by Rosario Funtenebro Yubero, Spain, 2006-2007, 14:00

Piknik / Déja Vu by Irena Gatej, Czech Republic, 2008, 07:00

Was Ubrig Bleibt (Left Behind) by Fabian Daub, Andreas Gräfenstein, Germany, 2008, 13:00

Zlinská Polévka (Zlin Soup) by Akila Nazli Kaya, Czech Republic, 2007, 09:00

Polar by Michael Koch, Germany/Switzerland, 2008, 29:00

Die Leiden des Herrn Karpf. Der Besuch (The Suffering of Mr. Karpf. The Visit) by Lola Randl, Rainer Egger, Germany, 2008, 10:00

Und Wenn Wir Dann Im Himmel Sind (When We Are In Heaven) by Daniela Risch, Germany, 2008, 04:00

Paseo by Arturo Ruiz Serrano, Spain, 2008, 12:00

Epidemie (Epidemia) by Daniel Stanchev, Czech Republic, 2008, 06:00

Anker Werfen (Cast Anchor) by Markus Beck, Germany, 2008, 22:00

Del Blanco al Negro (Turn to Black) by Gerardo Herrero, Spain, 2008, 13:00

Die Leiden des Herrn Karpf. Der Geburtstag (The Suffering of Mr. Karpf. The Birthday) by Lola Randl, Rainer Egger, Germany, 2008/2009, 10:00


Saturday, April 12

Jiro a Miu (Jiro and Miu) by Jun Nito, Czech Republic, 2007, 08:00

Schautag by Marvin Kren, Germany, 2008, 23:00

El Palacio de la Luna (Moon Palace) by Ione Hernandez, Spain, 2008, 13:00

2012 by Markus Overbeck, Germany, 2008, 33:00

Bucuresti-Berlin by Anca M. Lazarescu, Germany, 2004, 23:00

Für Mathilde by Alla Churikova, Germany, 2009, 07:00 Milbe (Mite) by Karl Tebbe, Germany, 2009, 06:00

Cemetery People by Alessandro Molatore, Ireland/Philippines, 2008, 04:00

Mona by Agnes Rossa, Egypt/Germany, 2008, 30:00

Freies Land (Free Country) by Hannes Treiber, Germany, 2008, 24:00

Das Zimmer (The Room) by Nik Sentenza, Germany, 2008/2009, 13:00

Repete (Repeat) by Ales Jána, Czech Republic, 2008, 07:00


Sunday, April 19

Cartolina Callulare (Mobile Postcard) by Peter Vadocz, Italy, 2008, 04:00

Shooting Locations 1-3 by Thomas Kutschker, Germany, 2009, 08:00

Schattenwelten (Shadow Worlds) by Thomas Kutschker, Germany, 2008, 25:00

Electromagnetic Plot by Matthias Fitz, Germany, 2008, 07:00

Alzheimeruv Labyrint (Alzheimer’s Labyrinth) by Tomás Polensky, Czech Republic, 2008, 09:00

Muz Ktery Uz Nechtel Nic Vedet (The Man Who Did Not Want To Know Anymore) by Marcus Bartos, Germany, 2008, 15:00

Peinliche Ordnung (Embarrassing Order) by Theo Lighthart, Germany, 2008, 13:00

Záhuba (Destruction) Czech Republic, 2008, 06:00 Rot (Red) by Lynn Kossler, Germany, 2008, 03:00

Life Reloaded by Viktor Gasic, Germany, 2009, 11:30

The Searchers by Theo Ligthart, Germany, 2007, 06:20 Idyll by Astrid Busch, Germany, 2009, 03:00

Loose Connection by Jan Haering, Germany, 2008, 06:00