ESFF 2014 Films


Friday, September 26


Wind by Robert Löbel – An animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. 2013: animation, Eye & Ear Media, Germany 03:49


Pigeons by Brian Stynes – A young woman shows up for a blind date but can’t go through with it. 2014: narrative, Ireland 04:53


Black Squad (Brigada Neagra) by Andrei-Nicolae Teodorescu – Three young country boys dream about a better life. While carrying on their ordinary activities they encounter a chance that might turn it all around. 2013: narrative, University of Theater and Cinema Arts, Romania 21:59


A Hole in the Sky (Godka Cirka) & Álex Lora and Antonio Tibaldi – Young Alifa looks up at the somali sky. She thinks about her daily life as a shepherdess. She knows that this day will change her life. 2013: narrative, Mailuki Films, France 08:00


Magma by Pawel Maslona – Janusz is a salesman in a furniture shop. One day he accidentally destroys a pillow. This is the first “accident” in the company for a very long time and he seems to be really upset about it. 2013: narrative, University of Silesia, Poland 31:00


Three Experts Ramp Up (Drei Experten Drehen Auf) by Volker Heymann – Three buddies are sitting in their garden and argue about green energy. This leads to verbal percussion. 2013: narrative, Eye & Ear Media, Germany 03:52




Recently in the Woods by Daniel van Westen – A short tale about acceptance and tolerance. 2013: animation, Eye & Ear Media, Germany 01:00


At the Door (An Der Tür) by Miriam Bliese – A man comes to pick up his son at his ex-wife’s house, just like every weekend. As always, he waits at the entrance of her apartment building for his son to come down stairs. 2013: narrative, German Film and Television Academy, Germany 05:00


My Angel (Mein Engel) by Miriam Bliese – Jelena and her mother Vera left Russia 20 years ago to live in Germany. Vera is almost 70 now and unable to accept reality in Germany. In her mind, she still lives in Russia, where she was a famous dancer. She gave up everything to allow her daughter to make her career in the west, but Jelena only managed to get a job as a dance teacher. A film about a power struggle between a mother and her daughter. 2014: narrative, Eye & Ear Media, Germany 10:00


The Revenger by Grigori Zurkan – Revenge: the pointlessest of all our passions. 2013: animation, School for Film and Television, Potsdam Germany 06:00


Arena by Martin Rath – A hitchhiker is take
n in by a remote Polish mountain community. Tested by the hardened locals and the unforgiving harshness of his new environment he constitutes his presence in the mountains. 2013: narrative, Polish National Film, Television and Theater School, Poland 23:00


Resemblances (Erinnerungen) by Hannah Dorr – A mother left her daughter at the age of 6 to live in the city. Ten years later she returns home upon the father’s death. The two women meet. Their relationship is broken and any communication is impossible. When the mother wants to prepare her daughter for living in the world by explaining her view of life, the daughter gets confused and scared and eventually marries an older man in order to seek security and peace. 2013, experimental, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany 08:40


Blind Man’s Bluff (де-а баба оарба) by Mircea Bobina – A couple quarrels until one of them jumps out of the window. 2014: experimental, Moldova 05:57


Belle de Lyon by Max Sacker – 1960s France–for anyone that loves sex, dreams and the French New Wave. 2013: narrative, Eye & Ear Media, Germany 10:00


Torturing (Qualen) by Rebecca Blöcher – A film based on the poem of the same name by Etta Streicher. It is concerned with not speaking out, keeping your feet still or actually biting the bullet and achieving inner freedom. And about how individual mental states influence the world. 2013: animation, Eye & Ear Media, Germany 04:03


Saturday, September 27

Saturday Afternoon Program – 3pm

Mirage by Iker Maidagan – A young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has ever reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness. 2013: animation, Banatu Filmak, Spain 09:09


Sled by Yassine El Idrissi – Ismail is an 8 year old child living with his sister in a mud house in the Atlas mountains. After the death of their parents, the sister insists that he continue his education. She loses control over his life when he starts to live the way he wants to. 2013: narrative, Netherlands Film Academy, The Netherlands 12:00


Tea Time by Marie Kister – A young woman enters the library of elderly librarian Paul. He cannot remember her name but knows that she ordered a book. As Paul sets out to look for it in the dusty aisles of his vast library, the boundary between reality and illusion starts to blur until nothing is as it seems. 2013: animation, Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, Germany 07:40


Chasing a Comet – The Rosetta Mission by Peter Folie and Fabian Walker – Among the most fascinating projects in the exploration of the Universe is the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission, launched in 2004 to investigate the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. For the first time, a spacecraft will follow a comet as it approaches the Sun and land on its nucleus. 2014: documentary, DLR German Aerospace Center, Germany 09:08


Blue Blue Sky by Bigna Tomschin – In summer everyone goes on vacation, where they don’t even realize that nothing ever happens at all. 2014: narrative, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland 09:13


Dustin by Kristina Jaeger – An animated comedy about a pug who, much to his chagrin, has to adjust to an automatic cleaning robot as his new roommate. 2014: Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Applied Sciences, Nuremburg, Germany 07:45


Vigia by Marcel Barelli – Because of pollution, pesticides, and other toxic substances, a bee decides to leave her hive, looking for a more comfortable place for her to live in. 2013: animation, Nadasdy Film Animation, Switzerland/France 07:45


Lothar by Luca Zuberbuehler – Whenever Lothar sneezes, nearby objects explode. 2013: narrative, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland 13:20


Orbits (Orbitas) by Jaime Maestro – A war between two great powers is ravaging a planet. Both sides keep their respective communication satellites orbiting. Their two lonely astronauts run into each other every day at the same time: an entire planet rivalry is not enough to stop the love that is about to arise between them. 2013: animation, PrimerFrame School of Animation, Spain 08:26


Saturday Evening Program – 7pm


Afterthoughts by Ivan Charalambous – A screenwriter, locked away in the attic of his home, is trying to write a romantic scene. His frustrations are reflected in his writing, and his characters transform radically. 2014: narrative, Blunatic Pictures, Cyprus 07:50


Celery by Pedro Collantes – There is always a first time for everything, even for celery. 2014, narrative, Spain/Japan/Netherlands 15:00


Answer? by Ivi Topp & Gauthier Freiss – A man lives confined in a dull, repetitive life. A telephone ring awakes and pushes him into an abysmal journey into the unknown. He tries to escape his imposed reality by pursuing an answer. This voyage confronts him with an even stranger reality, composed by fragments and bits of uncertainty. 2014: experimental, No Reason, France 17:30


Peter Pan by Imanol Ortiz Lopez – Do you believe in superheroes? 2013: narrative, Banatu Filmak, Spain 04:00


Someone for Dinner (Valaki Vacsorára) by Andras Gyorgy Desi – A guest arrives at a man’s flat. They are up to something. They have both waited for a long time. They have the same goal, but for different reasons. A mind-game of two men in a small apartment. 2013: narrative, Makabor Studio, Hungary 18:40



Faint by Natalie Plaskura – The time stands still, the moments are everlasting. The nameless characters turn into numb figures, surfacing and disappearing like mental tatters. The protagonist is trapped and strays through a confusing construction of thoughts, finally losing herself. 2013: experimental, Germany 05:58


Killing Auntie (Zabicie Ciotki) by Mateusz Glowacki – There was no doubt Auntie was a corpse. She lay still, a small trickle of blood pouring out of god knows where as there was no visible wound. I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her face up. There was no doubt – she was a corpse. 2013: narrative, University of Silesia, Poland 30:27

Cutting Grass (Zela Trovke) by Asier Altuna – Zęla Trovkę is an old Slovak “moritat”, a type of ballad typical of Central Europe that narrates the events surrounding a murder. Zęla Trovkę is a “moritat” from Slovakia which the Holland Baroque Society has recovered to include in its Barbaric Beauty programme. Maite Larburu, the orchestra’s violinist, unveils the song’s hidden secrets. 2013: documentary, Kimuak Basque Film Library, Spain 13:14

Hotzanak, For Your Own Safety by Iziben Onederra – I told her I was a filmmaker…I told her I was a filmmaker… and nothing has changed. Amid these landscapes traipses the soul, at times certain, at others uncertain of its own existence, while the body is and is and is and has no place of its own. 2013: animation, Kimuak Basque Film Library, Spain 05:11


Daniel and the Rat (Rat de mare) by Géraldine Rod – Daniel is a watchman in a museum where he is surrounded by stuffed animals all day. He lives an orderly and lonely life, which is suddenly turned upside down when a strange visitor begins to follow him. 2013: narrative, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany 18:00

Saturday, September 28


Me Tube: August Sings Carmen Habanera by Daniel Moshen – An homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet. 2013: experimental, Eye & Ear Media, Austria 04:00


Homage to Dziga V. (Hommage Deux) by Michele Cadei – A man with a camcorder shoots his own shadow: wandering in post-industry ruins, in intangible city, in unspoiled forests and meadows. 2013: experimental, Italy 09:24


Descent by Johan Rijpma – An empty cup falls and breaks into pieces. Every frame of this recorded movement is then manually translated into a ceramic layer that is made of the original remains of the cup. 2014: experimental, Netherlands 01:26


That Has Been Bothering Me The Whole Time by Arash T. Riahi – Although solely fragments of the body can be discerned at first, the gestures, strides and sounds convey an awareness of the body we would expect of a martial-arts fighter. As soon as the dancer (Silke Grabinger) is shown in full, all this reverses: The clothing can now be identified as a burka, the complex history of which charges each movement and gesture with political significance. 2013: experimental, Sixpack Film Americas, Austria 10:00


The Blind Fish (Der Blinde Fisch) by Nuria Gomez–Garrido & Denis D. Luthi- An old lady humming a friendly melody while cleaning the house, a young couple gently teasing each other and businessmen meeting up for dinner. Everything is as it appears but still completely different, revealing what usually remains hidden. 2013: experimental, University of Television and Film Munich, Germany 20:08


2012 by Johannes Gierlinger – Fear and desire are constantly oscillating–the camera takes us to the boundary of a closed property. Initially the eye is reluctant to approach further but curiosity is takes over and forces us to enter the house. 2013: experimental, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria 02:21


Red Mill (Rode Molen) by Esther Urlus – Red Mill is a research into motion picture printing techniques. Starting point and inspiration for the film are the mill paintings of Piet Mondriaan, especially Rode Molen. In the film color is created by multiple exposures through different masks during printing. Depending what developing process is used the colors mix in two ways: additive or subtractive. 2013: experimental, EYE Filmmuseum, The Netherlands 05:15


Forst by Ulu Braun – Videocollage that spans an arc from a primeval forest saturated in mysticism in a nature theme park. An ecstatic passion-play about nature, power and your own decomposition. 2013: experimental, Studio Ulu Braun, Germany 10:45




Metamorfoza by Martha Colburn – Metamorfoza is close to Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony theme, written in 1941 during the siege of Leningrad, was dedicated to “our upcoming victory over the enemy.” Officially he meant the Nazis, but between the lines it was an indictment of Stalin. 2013: animation, EYE Filmmuseum, The Netherlands 06:40


Amnesia by Pengyu Huang – Beings from different worlds, a dancer, a ghost-bird and a mystical horse meet in a dream. The first contact leaves them with mixed feelings of familiarity and foreignness. However, in the end, the various manifestations become one single soul. 2013: animation, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany 11:36


Imply Red by Werther Germondari – Birth, consumption and death of an asteroid. 2014: experimental, Italy 04:00


1=~a by Manuel Knapp – The threatening sound can be heard before the “composition” commences at the visual level in this audio-visual computer animation that makes use of the optical effects of light and shadow in building up or disintegration of surfaces, bodies, and spaces. 2013: experimental, Sixpack Film Americas, Austria/Japan 20:00


The Ill-Mannered Milkman by Willehad Eilers – Teddy Milks is a motorbike rider with little to no talent. His claim to fame is the odd circumstance that he sweats milk. Teddy ‘the milkman’ Milks. He does his best to ignore this fact and to keep the myth of a motorbike champion alive. 2013: experimental, EYE Filmmuseum, The Netherlands 14:42


CARP by Fritz Polzer – What do we find important? What do we fight for? Which battles are engaged in our current societies? How are those battles fought or won? CARP is a fantasia on themes of civic engagement, a somewhat sarcastic and experimental triptych with musical postscript using found written sources. 2014: experimental, Germany 13:26